S1S2S3 Site Safety Supervisor & Health Representative

Course Overview

Units of competency

RIICOM301E – Communicate Information (Release Status: Current)
RIIRIS301E – Apply risk management processes (Release Status: Current)
RIIWHS301E – Conduct safety and health investigations (Release Status: Current)

This course provides participants with the ability to apply risk management processes, conduct safety and health investigations and communicate information in resources and infrastructure industries. It is appropriate for those working in supervisory operational and maintenance roles, or those functioning as members of committees or as safety and health representatives


In a fast-changing work environment, it’s vital to have people in place with specialised and up-to-date work health and safety (WHS) knowledge and skills.

“Work health and safety laws aim to protect the health, safety and welfare of all workers at work.” (WorkSafe Queensland)

Should I enrol?

Are you a supervisor working in operations or maintenance? Are you a WHS representative in your workplace or as part of your role on a committee outside of your work? Are you a small business owner concerned about the safety of your employees in the workplace? Or are you looking to move into these roles and want to prepare yourself with relevant training?

If you answer yes to any of the above, this nationally accredited course is designed for you.

Course overview

The Site Safety Supervisor and Health Representative Course equips participants with the skills to recognise, implement and maintain industry standards of safety in the workplace. These skills are directed towards preventing or minimising work-related injury and illness.

This course is run face-to-face over three consecutive days at our both our Brisbane and Mount Isa facilities and comprises three units of competency:

RIICOM301E: Communicate Information

This unit deals with the pivotal role of the WHS representative as a communicator of important information and focuses on the delivery of WHS messaging which is effective and in line with relevant legal and procedural requirements.

RIIRIS301E: Apply risk management processes

This unit looks at systems to identify, assess and control health and safety risks in the workplace along with systems for regularly reviewing the way that risks are managed.

RIIWHS301E: Conduct safety and health investigations

This unit instructs participants in the key aspects involved in a safety and health investigation with particular attention to industrial and legislative standards that must be met and how these should be reflected in the current policies and procedures of a workplace.

The Site Safety Supervisor and Health Representative Course is one of 13 Workplace Health and Safety-related courses currently on offer. We also offer several courses in First Aid, for the General Construction Induction Card (White Card), and a Certificate IV of Work Health and Safety and Diploma of Work Health and Safety, among others.

Course delivery

Our trainers are all qualified professionals in WHS. Their work backgrounds represent the key industries of the Mount Isa and greater North West region, i.e., mining, construction, and agriculture. They are also highly skilled trainers who are able to convey a lot of information in an engaging style. Some evaluations from past participants include:

“Great presentation, was at a good speed to allow active learning.” (J. Thompson)

“[The trainer] gives lots of real-world examples and used his previous experiences in the industry to reinforce the safety points.” (C. Styles)

What do you need for this course?

There is no prerequisite training for this course. All required learning materials are included in the course fees (refer to our Brisbane and Mount Isa fee schedules). All you need to bring are closed-in shoes and a readiness to learn.


S1S2S3 Site Safety Supervisor & Health Representative

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